Difficulties of Milling Cutter in Processing High Silicon Aluminum Material

High silicon aluminium, containing more than 13% silicon, is called high silicon aluminium. At present, high silicon aluminium with 50% to 60% silicon content has better wear resistance, lower coefficient of linear swelling and better thermal stability because of its higher silicon content. Because of its excellent material properties, it has been widely used in automobile engine piston and aerospace materials.

What are the difficulties in processing high silicon aluminium materials? It is difficult to process because of its excellent material. High silicon aluminium alloy with more than 50% silicon content is very difficult to process, and it is difficult to ensure good plane roughness. General carbide milling cutter, using ordinary TIALN coating, tool is easy to wear and tear, there are traces of the knife troubled our front-line workers. Many people will think of using diamond coated milling cutter, because its diamond coated high wear resistance, just in line with the high wear resistance of high silicon aluminium. In our experiment, the use time of a diamond-coated milling cutter can be processed equal to five ordinary milling cutters, and the appearance of tool marks can be avoided. However, when processing high-silicon-aluminium materials, there are still some difficulties due to its high strength and high wear resistance.

At present, the processing of high silicon aluminium is a difficult problem in the industry, and there is no perfect solution to solve the problem thoroughly. At present, using diamond coating or welding PCB blades can greatly improve the efficiency and life of the original foundation, but it can not solve this processing problem perfectly.